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Information on the village of Morebattle, near Kelso in Scotland.

Eckford Parish

Eckford Kirk

The Parish of Eckford comprises three main settlements - Eckford, Caverton and Cessford. Formerly, there were two primary schools within the parish; today there are none.

The village of Eckford lies halfway between Kelso and Jedburgh just to the east of the A698, the church, however, is across on the other side of the road some distance from the village. This distance may have led to the creation of a watchtower, or mort-house, in the graveyard to protect the recently buried from the ravages of the body snatchers.

The church dates from about 1665, and is probably a replacement of an earlier church on the same site. The north aisle was added about 1720, and the inside remodelled in 1898 when the pulpit was moved and the box pews removed. The beadle's cottage was built about 1836, and a stable for keeping the parishioners' horses during the services was added about the same time. These buildings are no longer part of the church as they are in private hands today.

The church has a sundial dated 1668, a set of jougs paid for in 1718, and the ground floor is the burial vault of the Bennets of Marlfield, a nearby estate. Inside there is the armorial bearings of Sir William Bennet who died in 1724 above the laird's loft, whch is surprisingly roomy with space for at least a dozen.

There is a Roll of Honour for those who served in the Great War and the Memorial to those who died in the Second World War.

At Caverton there was a Chapel which is first mentioned in records of 1116, which place it within the care and control of Glasgow Cathedral. It also had a graveyard which was last used about 1860. Unfortunately the site of the chapel and the graveyard has been cleared and ploughed, and nothing remains of either.

The old village of Caverton, likewise, has completely disappeared.

Cessford is, and has been for many years, dominated by Cessford Castle, which would have been the focus for the surrounding area.

Eckford Kirk Morthouse

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