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Information on the village of Morebattle, near Kelso in Scotland.

Hownam Parish

Hownam or Hounam first appears in the written charters in two different spellings, which would appear to come from different sources. Hunedon and Hunum first appear in 1165. Hunedon may come from 'the hill of the Hunas' - which could be a reference to an early tribe, whilst Hunum, as it ends in 'm' would appear to be a dative form - 'at the' or 'of the Hunas'.

The Parish of Hownam lies south of Morebattle astride the River Kale and some 8 miles east of Jedburgh. Bordering England, it has within its boundaries, Dere Street with the famous Roman Camp at Pennymuir. Dere Street crosses into Scotland in Hownam Parish on its way from York to Trimontium, and continues for some 5 miles through the parish.

The village itself, is a very small and compact group of houses in a row on one side of the road. The Church and graveyard are on the same side of the road, at the North end of the village, close to the turn-off to Whitton. The Village Hall is at the South end of the village on the other side of the road.

Beyond the village is the track up to Heatherhope Reservoir, formerly the water supply for Kelso. It is now part of the Morebattle and District Angling Association water.

Following the road to the south west, following the river, takes one up to Towford and Pennymuir, where Dere Street crosses the Kale at the foot of Woden Law. Towford School, now an outdoor studies residential centre, was the primary school for the area until its closure about fifty years ago. Today the children from the scattered farms of the area are taken to school at Morebattle, and later to Kelso High School.

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